The Herbal Medicine Philosophy

Herbalists are holistic practitioners. Although we have the same view of the body and illnesses as conventional medical practitioners, we look at our clients as complete human beings. We realise that you have a mind, emotions and spirits, as well as a body. We understand that all these components are intimately interlinked, and that each affects the others in a complex web.

Echincaea Modern pharmaceutical medicines are wonderful tools that save many thousands of lives every year in this country. Mainstream medical practitioners are hard working and highly trained professionals who have your health and well being as their aim, and, in the UK, we have the NHS, which allows us to access these wonderful services at no cost to us at the time. However, the system allows practitioners little time with each patient. There is little time to see the complete picture, and unfortunately, this may lead to sometimes to an overly mechanical view of patients.

Our aim is to help you achieve optimum health, with your mind and body working in harmony. In modern life and in family life, it is inevitable that there will be many stresses and anxieties. Where these cannot be avoided, because you need to earn a living, or because you cannot abandon your relatives or friends. Herbalists can help you cope with these, and so reduce their effects on your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

For many, that first visit to a medical herbalist can be a life changing experience, a chance to experience true health care as it should be practised. Your medical herbalist is a genuine, caring partner in health from the cradle to the third age. Many come to appreciate the power of correctly prescribed, natural herbal medicines dispensed by a highly trained medical professional.

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