The Consultation

During the initial consultation, the herbalist will take a detailed medical history, including any unusual illnesses or hospitalisations in childhood or since. He or she will also want to know of any drugs you are taking, plus details of any supplements. You will be asked about your parents and any siblings, and about your life, your work and your diet. Herbalists are only interested in helping you, and are trained to be non judgmental. Everything is confidential.

Once the herbalist has a complete history, he or she may ask if he/she can take your blood pressure, or carry out any appropriate examination. You need not be embarrassed, as herbalists are trained for years to carry out these examinations, and have examined many many people, of all ages and both sexes. A chaperone can be arranged, or, of course, you can say no. The herbalist will not be offended.

Having gained a full picture, the herbalist will usually prescribe an herbal medicine or medicines for you. If anything is unclear, he or she may suggest a visit to your doctor, for a second opinion, or further investigations. The medicine is usually delivered to you a few days later.

Vinca major A follow up visit, usually in two or three weeks time, is normally suggested, to see how you are doing, and to make any adjustments necessary to your herbal medicine. Further follow ups, usually at monthly or six weekly intervals may be necessary, depending on progress. As you progress, your herbal medicine will be adjusted to suit your current needs.

Depending on your condition, you may eventually be able to reduce your dose and discontinue your herbal medicine. Long-standing conditions take longer to deal with than short-term illnesses. Acute conditions are often resolved within a few days or a couple of weeks. Chronic conditions can take months to resolve, and, of course, some problems cannot be cured. If the latter is the case, the aim will be to improve your quality of life as much as possible.

Patients are often amazed at the opportunity to discuss in depth their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, and the sense of freedom and empowerment this imparts to the individual which, combined with the knowledge of an experienced healthcare partner gives the security that your healthcare needs.

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