Bach Flower Remedies

I discovered these Flower Essences after a friend (a fellow herbalist) recommended them to me because she had found them very helpful for many clients, as an adjunct to herbal medicine. After trying them myself I became converted! They had an amazing beneficial effect, making me feel very positive and confident. This prompted me to take Bach Flower courses so that I can use them with my own clients.
Dr Edward Bach developed these remedies during the 1920s and 30s. He had originally trained as a doctor, becoming a successful Harley Street consultant. He studied at Birmingham University, University College Hospital London and at Cambridge University. However, he eventually became disillusioned by conventional medicine’s focus on treating symptoms and decided to seek the causes of disease and illness. He became a bacteriologist, as infection is the cause of much disease. However, many people are exposed to infective agents but do not become ill.

Whilst working at the London Homeopathic Hospital (now the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine) he realised how important it is to have the correct balance of healthy bacteria in the digestive system, in order to sustain a strong immune system. From this idea he developed his seven nosodes, which are oral vaccines containing intestinal bacteria and still in use today. This is similar in some ways to GAPS therapy.

He became convinced that emotional issues, such as fear, anger, anxiety and stress, can reduce immunity in many people, and were underlying much disease. Whilst visiting his native Wales he came across two plants, Impatients and Mimulus from which he prepared remedies, using similar methods to his oral vaccines. Having used these remedies on patients he found that they were very beneficial. This inspired him to go on to develop his 38 Bach Flower Remedies, plus Rescue Remedy, which have become world famous.

Whilst Bach Flower Remedies are readily available; their actions described mostly using just a few words. However, their effects are much more subtle and cannot be adequately detailed in just a sentence. Obviously, it is important to choose the correct ones to suit your unique needs. It is also almost impossible to properly assess your own emotional state because you are too close to the problem! Therefore you need the help of a trained professional.

Bach Flower therapists are trained to assess which remedies you need and will produce a bespoke mix for you; specially balanced to suit you. David is a qualified Bach Flower therapist and uses them as a stand-alone therapy, or alongside Herbal Medicines and/or GAPS therapy, as appropriate to the client and her/his needs.

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