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Thyme more effective than some acne creams

recent research at Leeds Metropolitan University has shown that tincture of Thyme is more effective at killing the bacteria that causes acne than creams containing Benyol Peroxide. A paper detailing the research was presented at the Society for General Microbiology’s spring conference in Dublin recently. Acne is a condition often thought of as something […]

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March – Herb of the Month – Cleavers

Cleavers   Galium aparine a.k.a. Goose Grass, Sticky Weed, Sticky Willy.   A member of the Bedstraw family Cleavers is a common weed in many gardens. It grows in borders and on waste ground from early spring to midsummer. The long straggly stems of this plant trail across the ground and climb other plants, growing […]

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February – Shepherd’s Purse

Shepherd’s PurseCapsella bursa-pastoris This plant gets its common name from the small triangular purse like seedpods, which, when held up to the light seem to contain tiny coins (the seeds). Presumably an allusion to the fact that shepherds were usually very poor! It’s a member of the Brassicaceae family that usually grows in fields, lawns […]

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January – Periwinkle

Vinca major also Vinca minor, which has narrower leaves. Also known as Sorcerer’s Violet and Sadabaha. The medicinal properties of both species are similar. The leaves are the part used medicinally. Caution: Large quantities may be poisonous. Make sure you have correctly identified the herb before using. Originally from Europe and N. Africa, Periwinkle is […]

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Gold, Frankincense and Myrhh

These were the gifts given by the Magi to the baby Jesus at Nazareth, according the gospel of St Mathew. Why did they bring these particular gifts? There are many possible reasons. One is that these were amongst the most expensive substances available at the time, and therefore fit to be given to a new […]

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