Western Herbal Medicine

Welcome to the Windmill Herbal Clinic. We are specialists in the provision of high quality Complementary Therapies, including Herbal Medicines, GAPS Therapy and Bach Flower Remedies.

David is a qualified Medical Herbalist, Certified GAPS Practitioner and Bach Flower Therapist. He holds regular clinics in London W1, Luton and Milton Keynes. Please contact him for further details.

Herbalist's Mortar & Pestle

Wondering how herbal medicine can help you?

We treat numerous complaints from skin conditions to anxiety and depression. Why not call us on 01908 221229 for a free informal chat.


Confused as to what Western Herbal Medicine is?

Herbalism is often mistaken for homeopathy. The two are very different, find out why here.

New Bereavement Support

David also offers a unique bereavement support care package as Heartsease. This includes herbs and Bach flower remedies alongside talking therapy.


Find me at Alternatives in Milton Keynes

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